Multimarkts for Editors

Are you a media and want to increase visits, time and revenue?

Multimarkts is a complementary visual platform for your media, hosted on your subdomain. Your users can have fun discovering in the visual marketplace and buy products and services related to your content. Adapt to the visual trend of the market, and multiply your inventory to serve advertising while respecting the experience of your users.

Increase visits and dwell time

We create an interactive multimedia web environment, allowing users to explore products and services and consume content in a more engaging and participative way.

How does it work?

A personalised universe with all your images and videos in a single space.

A unique customised space for your media, based on the images and videos of your content, as well as many other related ones, which provide a new space to attract, maintain and monetise users.


Multimarkts creates a new, customised space for your media.

With your visual marketplace, you can enrich your pages by creating a web space with videos, images and endless articles.


Add our recruitment widget in your media

Allow your users to explore the visual marketplace.


The user finds content and products related to the source article.

An infinite discovery where you can buy related products


Multiply your advertising inventory and revenue

We incorporate contextual advertising and products that your users can buy.


Monitor your KPIs in a simple and intuitive dashboard

and see how you can generate income effortlessly.

Advertising Native advertising that interests your readers

Advertising formats and products related to the content they are interested in, with interspersed articles that will keep them coming back to your medium.

multimarks services

And in addition

An environment full of services

Your visual marketplace will not only show products related to the content your readers are interested in. A wide variety of services will also be added: travel, hotels, wellness, beauty, health, insurance, restaurants, etc., so you can offer more options to your readers and increase your income even more.

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