Digital Marketing Trends 2024

Discover the trends that will define strategies in 2024. A compass for any marketer to navigate in this dynamic and constantly evolving environment.
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We face a very changing environment. This creates instability but also a world of possibilities to grow and excel if you are adaptable enough.
To do this, it is essential to take into account the trends and advances in digital marketing, within the socioeconomic context, and implement them to the extent you can in your brand. Introduce microchanges that can make the difference compared to your competitors.
Multimarkts will allow you to integrate these trends into your strategy effortlessly.

2.The power of AI is getting more and more powerful.

AI has emerged as one of the most impactful technologies in the advertising and marketing industry. Since the From content personalisation to ad optimisation, AI will enable businesses to better understand their audiences and improve the relevance of their messages.
For customer service, the integration of chatbots and virtual assistants will be key factors, as well as their use in CRM.

This trend is not only growing, but its expansion is evident. A recent report reveals that 84% of the advertising industry plans to increase its use of artificial intelligence for ad optimisation. Similarly, 81% plan to apply it in customer service, and 77% in content creation. These developments are supported by cutting-edge technologies such as OwlyWriter AI, Jasper AI and OpenAI’s Opus Clips, which are shaping the future of the industry.

The result: improved user experience and increased customer satisfaction. It will double its implementation in advertising campaigns in the next year. AI will be the norm rather than the exception. With Multimarkts adopting this reality is within the reach of any publisher and the brands that advertise on it, effortlessly and with effective and measurable results.

2.1 Ethics and control

  1. Transparency in the use of data:

Consumers are increasingly familiar with the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in marketing, especially to personalise communications. But it also raises concerns about the privacy of their data. It is essential to address these concerns by being transparent and communicating clearly how user data is used in AI tools.

  1. Strategic metrics and their impact:

When defining metrics to measure the success of a campaign, it is crucial to consider its impact on both economic and wider societal benefits. This ensures that marketing strategies are not only cost-effective but also ethical and socially responsible.

  1. Legal compliance and brand image protection:

Generative AI has streamlined the creation of textual and visual content in marketing. However, there must be human oversight. Marketers must exercise rigorous control to ensure that the generated assets are safe from a legal and copyright perspective, as well as maintaining the integrity of the brand image.

3.The importance of the visual and audiovisual continues to grow.

The relevance of video and image content has been undeniable in advertising and marketing, and the outlook for 2024 indicates that this trend will continue to grow.

The consumption of audio-visual content has experienced a dizzying increase in recent years, especially on social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube and TikTok.. This phenomenon is underpinned by the proliferation of streaming and online entertainment platforms, which have led more people to invest their free time in immersive audiovisual experiences.

On the other hand, in line with Multimarkts’ observations, technology is advancing by leaps and bounds to provide a more immersive user experience. and highly personalised consumption of video and image content. This opens the door for brands to develop advertising campaigns that not only reach consumers, but also excite and captivate them more effectively than ever before.

That is why it is key to offer visual content related to what the user consumes, as is the case of the visual market that Multimarkts offers in the media.

4.Personalisation and contextualisation, a very present future

On the digital marketing horizon of 2024, personalisation is emerging as a key element, so that consumers feel they are being spoken to directly, avoiding the feeling of being in the middle of a mass communication. From emails to products to ads, everything will be tailored to individual preferences.

The year 2024 looks set to be an exciting challenge, especially with the end of third party cookies proposed by Google, which will complicate the data collection that gave way to personalised advertising.

With Multimarkts, this dilemma disappears, as its AI technology offers users content and advertising related to the content they are interested in without the need to use third party cookies.

5. Data Privacy and User Consent

In response to growing global concerns about online privacy, digital marketing in 2024 will be geared towards consent and transparency.

Brands will be forced to adopt ethical data management practices and to communicate in a transparent manner about their use of user information.

In this context, contextual display advertising will continue to play a key role, as it allows relevant ads to be delivered in a customer-friendly way, without the need to collect personal data that compromises the user’s privacy.

At Multimarkts, you can accurately contextualise advertising campaigns, providing relevance without sacrificing customer privacy.


6.Marketplaces: The Ultimate Space for Consumer and Media Interaction

In particular, visual marketplaces are emerging as an ideal solution that allows brands and media to offer a wide range of products and services in one place. This results in a highly enriching shopping and entertainment experience.

According to Multimarkts’ outlook, this option will experience continued growth in the coming year. This will result in increased visibility and reach for brands, as well as the ability to reach new potential customers through the visual richness that this solution provides.

7.The rise of environmental impact

While there is no doubt that discounts and offers will continue to influence consumer decision making with rising inflation, 82% of shoppers now also want brand values to match their own.
45% of respondents recognise the importance of measuring environmental impact, although they face challenges such as the lack of specialised measurement services and associated additional costs.
In 2024, agencies and brands will need to look at the overall impact of their advertising and how marketing can promote positive change.

Multimarkts allows campaigns to be contextualised in content related to this concern, adapting creative to messages that are consistent with environmental causes and avoiding locations that tarnish the brand’s reputation.

Harnessing the potential of content with Multimarkts

Multimarkts is the ultimate solution for media organisations looking to monetise their advertising space effectively and without negatively impacting the user experience. By leveraging this platform, media organisations can optimise revenue and maintain audience satisfaction, a win-win for everyone involved in the advertising ecosystem.

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Digital Marketing Trends 2024

Digital Marketing Trends 2024