Challenges for the media in 2024 and how to meet them

The challenges are numerous: increasing monetisation in a highly competitive environment, maintaining an exceptional user experience, offering a full funnel for advertisers, adapting to new forms of content consumption… Discover, in this content, the key strategies to ensure the relevance and success of media.
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2024 accelerates the media’s future uncertainty.
The decline of the printedthe lack of efficiency of their sites and the damage to the UX, the need to attract a niche market, the need to subscribers, the use of the AI, the need to rethinking the advertising model and the change of trends in format consumption are some of the challenges they face.
In addition, the regulatory articulation resulting from some of these changes will lead to the consolidation of walled gardens, which, in order to be successful, must offer a differential and attractive offer.
Multimarkts, is an AI commerce technology capable of creating marketplaces in a matter of hours for any website, media or content creator that wants to take advantage of its user traffic and direct them to its own shopping environment to multiply its revenue. With this solution it is possible to successfully meet all these challenges.

2.Effective Monetisation in a Competitive Environment

Traditional advertising faces challenges. The media must explore New monetisation strategies, such as sponsored content, digital subscriptions and premium user experiences, but they must also offer an effective and differential type of advertising, but they run out of space, lack the right formats, and lack conclusive metrics.

Multimarkts offers extra space to increase advertising inventory while serving those advertisements in a different way and surrounded by interesting content, based on the topics the reader is looking for, through IA, enhancing their experience, with metrics that reflect the most in-demand KPIs.


3.Offering advertisers a full funnel

One of the fundamental challenges facing media and advertising platforms is their limited ability to deliver a “Full Funnel”. brands that want to reach their audiences holistically at all stages of the buying process. Traditionally, media and ad networks have focused on the top of the conversion funnel, i.e. generating awareness and consideration. The ads they serve are no longer as effective and need something more to ensure effectiveness for advertisers.


Multimarkts addresses this problem effectively.

It creates a unique space where advertising and content from the media and social networks coexist and are integrated with ads (GAM, affiliate networks, direct programmatic…). After a user interacts with an ad or an image of a news item, they can be inspired or buy related products and services. Multimarkts offers a seamless and direct shopping experience, enabling brands to bridge the gap between consideration and conversion.

It also provides brands with detailed data and analysis. on ad performance. This enables informed decision making and the ability to adjust strategies in real time to achieve the best possible results.

4.Preserve the UX to generate permanence and recurrence.

One of the most pressing challenges for publishers is to keep users engaged. and ensure that they return on a recurring basis. The quality of the User Experience (UX) plays a crucial role in this process, and it is here where Multimarkts stands out as a leading technology solution offering:

  • Relevant and non-intrusive content, displaying content based on the user’s interests and behaviour.
  • Optimised loading time for a smooth, frustration-free experience
  • Detailed data and analytics on ad performance and user interaction.
  • Multi-platform compatibility, because it adapts to any device and platform of any media.

With Multimarkts the medium can offer content related to the interest of the user who acts proactively. In this way it can find inspiration or purchase, returning to the media content in a virtuous circle, without the media having to spend resources on searching, filtering and chasing user preferences and getting them to stay longer on your page.


5.Renew or die

The new generations prefer to interact, consume content and buy through social networks, to the detriment of the media. The 80% of Generation Z already read news on TikTok and 43% start searching for products on this platform.

Source:America Retail, April 2023

Traditional content is losing traction with young people, but much of the advertising spend depends on them and is necessary to ensure the future and scalability of their publications.

Multimartkts, through its AI, is able to obtain, classify and segment TikTok content, with innovative formats that attract this target, while increasing advertising space. to the media on a single platform. It is therefore the solution to this increasingly pressing problem.

Multimarkts’ formats and its unique space that feeds relevant content to the medium, through AI, is a free solution to this challenge.


Media in Spain in 2024 face a number of challenges ranging from digital transformation to the need to increase revenues and engage new generations. Overcoming these challenges requires a strategic approach, investment in technology and a continued commitment to quality and innovation in journalism and content publishing, which Multimarkts provides to save publishers time and cost.

Aprovechar el potencial de los contenidos con Multimarkts

Multimarkts is an AI commerce technology capable of creating marketplaces in a matter of hours for any website, media or content creator. It harnesses the traffic of media users and takes them to a shopping environment of their own, with content of their interest, segmented and categorised, multiplying revenue.

Don’t hesitate, adapt your medium to the visual trend of the market, expand your advertising inventory, respect the user experience and keep them coming back.

Request a demo and discover the world’s largest visual shop now!

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Challenges for the media in 2024 and how to meet them

Challenges for the media in 2024 and how to meet them