The secrets of Visual Ecommerce

What is Visual Ecommerce, why is it so important in today’s media and advertiser context and how has it contributed to the exponential growth of e-commerce worldwide.
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Visual Ecommerce, also known as Visual Ecommerce, represents a fundamental evolution in the world of online commerce. At its core, Visual Ecommerce is a strategy that focuses on the power of images and visual elements to improve the online shopping experience and thereby increase sales and customer loyalty. Below, we will explore in detail what Visual Ecommerce is, why it is so important today and how it has contributed to the exponential growth of e-commerce worldwide.

Multimarkts, brings visual e-commerce to the media, offering an innovative format in line with trends to improve and enrich the readers’ experience and give them added value, without taking them out of the media itself.

1.1 Basic Concept of Visual Ecommerce

Unlike physical shops, where customers can see, touch and try out products, online shops rely heavily on the visual presentation of products. Therefore, Visual Ecommerce focuses on present products in the most attractive and convincing way possible to consumers.

This approach is not limited to product presentation alone, but also includes visual elements throughout the entire purchasing process, from website navigation to the checkout process. This involves a careful selection of high quality images, demonstration videos, explanatory graphics and intuitive page layouts that facilitate the customer’s search and purchase decisions.

1.2 Importance and Growth of Ecommerce Today

E-commerce has experienced exponential growth. in recent decades, and its importance in the global economy is undeniable. This growth has been driven largely by the expansion of the Internet, the convenience of online shopping and, more recently, by the COVID-19 pandemic, which further accelerated the adoption of e-commerce. Spain has almost 25M online shoppers out of an internet population of 31.7M, as IAB points out in its 2022 report.

Visual Ecommerce plays a key role in this boom. Online consumers are becoming increasingly demanding and visual, and they expect shopping experiences that resemble the experience in a physical shop. High-quality images and videos not only help customers better understand products, but also allow them to visualise how they would look or function in their daily lives.

2.Importance of Visuals in Ecommerce

2.1 Images and videos influence purchasing decisions

consumer behaviour due to a variety of factors:

  1. Understanding the Product: Images and videos allow consumers to better understand a product. They can see its appearance, size and features from different angles, which reduces uncertainty and increases confidence in the purchase.
  2. Emotional Connection: Well-designed images and videos can create an emotional connection with consumers. By showing how a product can improve their lives or meet their needs, it fosters an emotional connection that can drive purchase.
  3. Demonstration of Use: Demonstration videos and tutorials show consumers how to use a product effectively. This is especially relevant for technical or complicated products.
  4. Product Comparison: Images allow shoppers to compare products efficiently, making it easier to make informed decisions. Viewing products side-by-side helps to evaluate differences and similarities.

Multimarkts also manages to bring these ecommerce sites closer together in an integrated way with other types of content that improve the user experience, increasing the time spent, the possibilities of purchase and monetisation by the media that host them.

2.2 Statistics and Studies Supporting the Importance of Visuals in Ecommerce

Images and videos play an essential role in the online shopping process. Not only do they help consumers understand and evaluate products, but they also build trust and emotional connections. Statistics and studies conclusively support the importance of visuals in ecommerce and underline why companies must invest in visually appealing product presentation to succeed in the digital world.

  1. Impact on Conversions: According to an Adobe study, web pages that include video have 86% higher conversion rates compared to those that do not.
  2. Image-Based Decisions: According to an eCommerce Foundation survey, 88% of consumers identify high-quality product images as an extremely important factor in their purchasing decisions.
  3. Visual Search: Visual analytics is on the rise. A Pinterest study revealed that 62% of consumers prefer visual search over text search.
  4. Social Media and Shopping: 54% of online consumers have purchased products directly through a social network after seeing them in images or videos, according to the GlobalWebIndex report.
  5. Return on Investment (ROI): A Brightcove study found that 83% of companies say that video provides a good ROI.

3.Conclusions and Recommendations to make the most of Visual Ecommerce:

Contextual customisation: Multimarkts personalises the delivery of ads in a contextual way. This will ensure that ads are relevant to users’ content and interests, which will increase advertising effectiveness.

Continuous Monitoring and Analysis: analytics tools provided by Multimarkts to monitor ad performance in real time. They enable data-driven strategy adjustments to further optimise revenue and user experience.

Promoting Quality Content: A positive user experience is closely related to the value of the content, which in turn increases the effectiveness of advertising.

Exploring Partnership Opportunities: strategic partnerships with advertisers and advertising agencies can maximise revenue through Multimarkts’ automated campaign management.

In short, Multimarkts is the ultimate solution for media organisations looking to monetise their advertising space effectively and without negatively impacting the user experience. By leveraging this platform, media organisations can optimise their revenues and maintain audience satisfaction, a win-win for everyone involved in the advertising ecosystem.

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The secrets of Visual Ecommerce

The secrets of Visual Ecommerce